Glass Toilets frankley CLC

Frankley community high school now known as Balaam Wood school used to incorporate the city learning centre that taught pupils about engineering, wanted toilets that were inkeeping with the design of the learning centre, very high tech with glass panelleing and ultra modern.

after careful consideration with the management team they opted for glass panelling and glass cubicles.

the walls were battened out and flash gaps and skirtings laminated in brushed aluminium and lighting installed behind the glass panels for the illumination.

sinks were designed and fabricated in Ireland so they came out of the wall with the water spout above on a sensor which distributed water onto the sink then the water dissapeared back into the wall behind the sink to the drainage, having the concealed option gave it a nice wow look and created interest for the pupils.

the toilet cubicles were also glass with the ironmongery supplied by ALM, The glass was very heavy and ALM seemed to provide the best solution at  that time.

The toilet pans were all wall hung using special stands bolted to the floor behind the panels with concealed systems and large push plates for the flush.

The floor was done in a black non slip porcelain tile just to add a bit of contrast to the bright coloured glass panels.

the job took 4 weeks to complete and many hours of design work prior to the event but looks extremely beautiful.