Adderly Primary School

Spencer Monaco Ltd was instructed by the head teacher and the governing body to design and build a new school hall of approximately 144 sqm with the provision to future proof the build by designing the building to allow the installation of 2 further classrooms at a later date. once the design had been done the decision was made to continue with the classrooms as it would be too difficult to install the steel frame work at a later date and becoming very costly.

Nick Carrol Architects and his team were tasked with designing a building that was not only cost efficient to build based on best value but also taking into account the constraints of the build.there was no access so the front and rear walls of the school kitchen were removed leaving a tunnel of only 3 metres wide by 2.3 metres high to get everything including the steel work through.

A spider crane was hired to off load the vehicles with the steel frame and then repositioned to the centre of the foundations so the framework could be erected from the inside out as there was no other way to carry out this function.

The steel frame was manufactured in the midlands by Traditional Structures Ltd, and the cladding was supplied by midport Construction, the electrical work was carried out by David Banks Electrical Contractors who we have worked with for many years and all the other works were carried out by Spencer Monaco Personnel.

The building was fitted out to a very high specification with led skylight panels inset to suspended ceilings all with sensors, Air conditioning units to both classrooms, miliken carpet tiles in the IT Suite. the school hall had karndean installed to the floor, with matching sliding partition doors.

The first floor toilet was fitted out with Spencer Monaco IPS Panneling and a corian top vanity unit.

The projects took aproximately 6 months from July when the steel finally arrived to january 2015 when it was finally handed over.